Learn from Sponsorship Experts

  • Clients and projects include world-renowned properties like Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus, hit Broadway shows, the Academy Awards, international theme parks and destinations like Busch Gardens, the NFL, MLB, Olympics and top sporting events, non-profit organizations and public spaces.

  • We've created sponsor relationships with brands such as Bank of America, GM, American Express, Samsung and AT&T.

  • We are real professionals with decades of success in the industry.

You will learn how to...

  • Navigate the world of sponsorships during the pandemic and beyond.

  • Accurately identify all your sponsorship elements and create innovative assets that distinguish you from your competition.

  • Value your assets and price your offering.

  • Package your presentation and get in front of the right people to pitch.

  • Manage and service your sponsors and build strong partnerships

What's Included

  • Videos

    Easy-to-digest, self-paced video lessons with all the critical skills you need to confidently engage, earn and keep sponsors.

  • Downloadables

    Worksheets and templates to help you effectively build, pitch and manage your sponsorship program.

  • Expert Advice

    Real-life examples and advice from sponsorship experts with decades of hands-on experience. Optional 30-minute consulting session with one of our experts available at a special price of $125.

This course is for you if you...

  • ...want to get the real scoop and learn from proven leaders in the global sponsorship industry

  • ...are a small to mid-size property, event, experience, non-profit organizaton (or represent one), or you just feel you want to learn more from industry experts

  • ...are new to the concept of sponsorship

  • ...have tried to sell sponsorship and want to improve your chances of success

  • ...want to enhance your bottom line

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Selling sponsorship is not an overnight process. The sooner you start this Masterclass, the sooner you can get out in the marketplace with your property.

FREE Mini-Course: Covid-19 & Sponsorship

A special panel of experts discuss how Covid-19 has turned the business world upside down, and how you can regain control of your event and sponsorships.